Compact, turn-key and scalable CVD systems for high-throughput graphene and carbon nanotube synthesis

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nanoCVD systems from Moorfield Nanotechnology are designed to produce conditions that allow for rapid, cost-effective production of graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNTs), through the implementation of chemical vapour deposition (CVD) schemes. CVD methods are considered most promising for the industrial production of high-quality carbon nanomaterials.

nanoCVD-8G (optimised for graphene synthesis
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Latest news:

nanoCVD-8G used to create high-quality graphene for work towards truly flexible ‘electronic skin’, that could be used in robots! Look over the University of Exeter press release for more details.

Multiple high impact publications report production and application of exceptional quality graphene using nanoCVD systems! Super-high charge carrier mobilities over large areas, and the half integer quantum Hall effect. Look over the new Publications section for links.

Figures showing observed half integer quantum Hall effect, a fabricated touch sensor, and resistivity/conductivity data based on monolayer graphene made using a nanoCVD-8G by Prof. Monica Craciun's group at the University of Exeter. Taken from recently published work in Advanced Materials.
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Next exhibition: Moorfield will once again be taking to the road with their latest products, including working nanoCVD tools. Destinations are central and southern Europe, and dates are late summer. Contact us for details.

Video-link demonstrations via Skype always available.

nanoCVD systems work! For example characterisation of the materials they have been be used to produce, follow these links: graphene; carbon nanotubes. Or check out the high-impact publications that are based on the materials they produce.

Characterisation of carbon nanomaterials that have been produced using nanoCVD systems.
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nanoCVD systems are targeted at R&D and academic environments. However, the scalability of the technology involved means we can also provide pilot/production scale systems operating on identical principles.

Check out the rest of the site for further details.

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